Australian Shepherds

It has been a very long journey getting to this place in my life. In November 2015, I purchased Ariel (toy size) for my grandson, Jacob Wentz. She wound up bonding with me while he was attending school. I fell in love with the breed. October 2016, I purchased Murphy (miniature size) with the hopes of becoming a hobby breeder a year or two down the road. March 2017, I purchased Cooper (toy size) as I changed my mind about Murphy, due to their size difference and I knew Murphy was moving to Idaho with Jacob. January 2018, Jacob moves to Idaho for 9 months to be with Mom. September 2018, Mike purchased Lucy (standard size) for himself. September 2018, Jacob came back with Murphy. Lost Ariel in November 2018 to the unknown. Purchased Abby (miniature size) in December 2018 for my loss of Ariel. September 2019, Abby came into her first season and Murphy was able to mate with her while I wasn't watching. This was not a planned litter but it was a very successful litter as Abby, teenager that she was at the time, is a wonderful mom. I am so fortunate. She delivered on November 6, 2019 giving birth to 5 puppies. 2 boy's (one blue merle with blue eyes & one black tri with brown eyes) and 3 girls (2 red merles with blue eyes and 1 red tri with brown eyes).

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  • Abby


    Miniature Red Merle

  • Murphy


    Miniature Black Tri

  • Scooter


    Miniature Blue Merle puppy

  • Lucy


    Standard Black Tri

  • Cooper


    Toy Black Tri

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